pressed waste wood shaving into blocks that can be burnt in stoves a truly eco fuel

Unique Ecofuels is pleased to present an environmentally sensitive way of heating homes with open fires, wood or multi-fuel burning stoves and solid fuel Rayburns or Agas.

Our recycled briquettes take up about half the space of logs and, with up to 30 per cent less moisture content than the average log, have a greater power output. The CO2 released by our briquettes has been taken from the atmosphere during the tree's growth. Burning them is around 90 per cent more environmentally friendly than using fossil fuels.

We create our briquettes by pushing dried, pulverised wood through a high pressure machine to output regular cylinders of pure wood fuel. Nothing at all is added, just pure recycled wood and nothing is wasted.

The scrap wood offcuts, shavings and sawdust come from joinery firms and other woodworking businesses around Cornwall.

We collect clean, dry unwanted wood from these businesses without charge on a weekly basis. Our goal is to recycle 550 tonnes of unwanted wood a year, equal to 550,000 kilograms or 2,619 cubic metres of waste saved from landfill.

We have been delighted with the response from the Cornish woodworking industry and would like to thank all of the participating businesses for their proactive attitude and cooperation. Together we hope to continue to reduce Cornwall's carbon footprint.



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