Made from nothing but recycled waste wood, Unique Ecofuel briquettes are as efficient as they are environmentally friendly.

Cost-effective and carbon-neutral, our briquettes produce roughly twice the heat output of logs and more energy per kilogram than many other commonly used fuels. Just 2.5kg of briquettes generate as much heat as one litre of heating oil, that's the equivalent of one tonne of briquettes to 400 litres of oil.

Heat output of Unique Ecofuel briquettes - 6.0kW/kg

This compares to:

Kiln dried timber offcuts - 4.0kW/kg
Cardboard - 5.50 kW/ kg
Newspaper - 5.52 kW/ kg
Municipal Waste (RDF) - 4.20 kW/ kg
M.D.F. - 5.30 kW/ kg
Straw - 4.00kW/ kg
Wheat - 4.10 kW/ kg

Our briquettes are also great value for money.

Three bags, weighing 40kg altogether, cost just £10.

From 2010, one tonne of briquettes will be available for £250.

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