Why let your wood shavings and sawdust go to waste?

If your business produces wood shavings or sawdust as a byproduct, you'll know the problems it can create. Paying for its removal, storage until it can be picked up and higher rates of insurance are all extra distractions your company doesn't need.

Why not become a Unique Ecofuels contributor and let us turn it into a sustainable, carbon-neutral fuel. We collect bagged shavings and sawdust from woodworking businesses all over Cornwall without charge on a weekly basis.

Not only does this get your leftover shavings or sawdust off your mind, you'll be helping to keep it out of Cornish landfill. Less waste going into the ground means less methane, cleaner air and less blight to the landscape in years to come.

As well as the benefits gained from more storage space, reduced fire risk and money saved on waste removal and insurance, your company will be contributing to the reduction of Cornwall's industrial carbon footprint.

To join the Unique Ecofuels recycling scheme, or for more information, please contact Paul Rutter:

Phone: 01209 862939 Email: info@uniqueecofuels.co.uk